Thursday, April 30, 2009


Its really amazing how quickly things changed once Loy hit one year old status: out with the breastfeeding and bottles in with the goat's milk and sippy cups. Gone are the mushed up veggies and fruit we were making and now its grilled cheese and bacon (woohoo BACON!)

These changes underscore the changes I see in Loy everyday and reminds me of times before Loy was in the picture, when other parents would say to us they grow up so fast and we would think 'what are you talking about?'.

But they do. One minute you're taking care of everything then the next they're using their own fork or playing on their own or going off to college.

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  1. Hey John, these are looking really good! (I'm especially into the middle image, but the others support it nicely. You can see the basis of an "adult household" sort of overtaken by a child).